About Us

We Do Great Works For Great Clients.

25Years of Experience

HISS which has had its own unique line in the area of Turkish design, follows an upward trend with its specific shaped products since 1975.
The Design Team of HISS FURNITURE who thinks that the original design ,sets up the future; generates permanent solutions.

Collections of HISS are, night comfort-oriented, and peps up in the day time. HISS does not compromise its quality while gaining rich appearences with the choices of fabrics and woods.
HISS combines high technology, quality and design and also succeed to be the pioneer of innovations; gives a new look to homes with its products which produced in modern concept.

How Does It Work?

Hiss Design acts innovatively and meticulously in the planning, project, implementation and manufacturing processes.


Concept Creation

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Idea Generation

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Prototype Creation

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